APRA continues to support the remanufacturing industry with updated online buyer's guide

The Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA) today announced the beginning of the 2012 edition of their online buyers guide. The BuyReman: Remanufacturing Marketplace features industry-specific product and service listings designed to support remanufacturers with their important purchasing and marketing decisions.

The 2012 Edition of the Marketplace contains updated company and product listings and includes fantastic new features. Enhanced listings come complete with a company description, direct email and website links, including social networking sites, whitepapers, product catalog and the ability to add specific products and brands.

APRA President, Bill Gager stated, "We are very pleased with the results of the third year of operation and look forward to an even bigger fourth year. These marketplace communities take time to develop, but the Remanufacturing Marketplace has seen tremendous growth and acceptance."

In the past year, the Marketplace enjoyed a sustained improvement in visibility throughout the remanufacturing industry. Between 2010 and 2011, the Marketplace saw a 37 percent increase in total visits, a 40 percent swell in total page views and a 37 percent expansion in total repeat visitors.

The BuyReman: Remanufacturing Marketplace gives suppliers the unique opportunity to directly connect with APRA members and other companies within the automotive and truck parts remanufacturing industry. Listed vendors are able to provide contact information, a quick e-mail option, graphics and links on completed listings within the Marketplace.

Users of the Marketplace have the ability to avoid the clutter of a general search engine and only search within the automotive and truck parts remanufacturing industry, utilizing a basic keyword search or digging deeper with a more specific, advanced search.

"If you are not a participant in the BuyReman: Remanufacturing Marketplace, we encourage you to join today and experience new business development opportunities," add Bill Gager.

Whether users are looking for complete units, component parts, testing equipment, cleaning equipment or cores, the Marketplace offers an easy way to quickly find the right suppliers.

The BuyReman: Remanufacturing Marketplace can be easily accessed from a link on the APRA homepage at www.apra.org and at www.BuyReman.com.