TransAxle awarded 'Remanufacturer of the Year'

During it's annual summit in Las Vegas, The Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA) awarded TransAxle LLC its prestigious "Mike Hill Heavy Duty Remanufacturer of the Year" Award.  The award is given to a company or individual who has demonstrated innovative ways to create and grow a successful business model and in the process, supported industry efforts to advance the science of remanufacturing.

According to Bill Gager, President of APRA/HDRG, the panel's decision to award TransAxle LLC of Cinnaminson, New Jersey this year's prestigious award was because they are a leading remanufacturer in the aftermarket.

"TransAxle has consistently demonstrated a strong effort to focus on their customers while using "best in class" techniques to improve the performance of remanufactured products".  Additionally, Gager states, "Transaxle has stepped up the sharing of these best practices to advance the performance of the industry as a whole. Combined, this two pronged approach has earned them this year's "Heavy Duty Remanufacturer of the Year Award" from APRA's Heavy Duty Remanufacturing Group (HDRG). "

TransAxle is a leading remanufacturer with expertise across a broad range of drive train components (from light truck through the largest off highway applications).  This extensive capability coupled with a comprehensive logistics network places TransAxle at the forefront of today's growing remanufacturing market.  TransAxle has four remanufacturing plants, 22 distribution locations, 35 regional sales professionals, 50 inside technical experts and numerous delivery professionals to provide unparalleled service to their customers

David Olsen, Transaxle's CEO states "In recent years, remanufacturing has received a great deal of attention in industries as diverse as printer cartridges and cell phones.  But the heart of remanufacturing has long been the automotive and heavy duty industries. On behalf of the TransAxle team, we are excited to be recognized by our peers in the industry and are very thankful for this prestigious honor." Olsen continued, "Many people ask, what is the difference between remanufacturing and rebuilding? At TransAxle, we define remanufacturing as a comprehensive, sustainable industrial process in which worn components are returned to same as new or better condition.  The process must include defined technical specifications, robust testing standards and a warranty reflective of the quality of the components. This is contrasted to traditional rebuilding in which only the failed part within a component would be replaced potentially leading to an earlier future failure as the remainder of the original components are left intact."

TransAxle also has a very strong "Green Commitment." In our 30-plus years in business, we have salvaged over 100,000 tons of steel and aluminum destined for landfills.  Independent studies have shown that remanufactured drive train components consume 85 percent less energy to produce with no perceptible drop in product performance, when compared to new components.