Energy 1 provides status update on Mid-East project

Energy 1 Corporation announces that product engineering for integration on the Mercedes 0-457 diesel powered transit bus is near complete and anticipates Phase II of - in-use - product demonstration and end-user testing to begin within 4-6 weeks.

"Phase II is the final phase of this demonstration and end-user testing protocol for product readiness within the middle-east market," said Raymond T. Brown, Chairman of E1. "We are on schedule and on target. With this last hurdle behind us, we'll be ready to start manufacturing pre-configured units for resale into the retrofit market for emission reduction on transit buses within the region; and while increased fuel efficiencies may not be as critical to customers in this area of the world versus Europe, the US and the Asian-Pacific markets, the fact that we include it answers any additional ROI calculations the consumer might have as part of their buying decision."