FVC Laboratories

FVC Laboratories releases pre-owned vehicle certification

FVC Laboratories will introduce its Forensic Vehicle Certification program at this year’s NADA Show in Las Vegas. This is a groundbreaking pre-owned vehicle certification program that will have a major impact on the profit structure of dealerships and repair facilities. Forensic Vehicle Certification allows qualified dealers to certify any vehicle regardless of year, make or model.

"Forensic Vehicle Certification establishes a new, higher standard in scientific evidence to better determine the current condition of the vehicle’s critical components," said FVC President Ron Rose. The process starts with a 192-point on-site inspection guide that includes instant analysis of all vital fluids. Once the vehicle passes this criteria, FVC Laboratories perform an extensive comprehensive analysis of selected fluids to determine factors such as oxidation, sludge content, metal wear and fluid contamination/dilution. Reports can be available in as little as 48-hours.

"Once a vehicle receives certification, its is authorized to have the FVC Badge affixed to the vehicle and is entered into our database. This adds to the vehicle’s resale value and offers buyers an added level of consumer confidence while dealers benefit from an improved bottom line and shorter flooring time," added Rose. A "Get It Certified and Keep It Certified" feature is designed to help keep buyers and dealerships connected throughout the vehicle’s service lifecycle.

The Forensic Vehicle Certification program is available to all new and pre-owned dealerships regardless of OE affiliation. It is by far the most aggressive and cost-effective method to bolster consumer loyalty and retention by driving both retail sales and fixed-op revenue.