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Meritor has second-generation brake shoe coating prevents rust-jacking


Meritor has announced it will begin the immediate production of PlatinumShield II, a second-generation brake shoe coating that features an advanced formula uniquely suited to the needs of the aftermarket customer to prevent rust-jacking.


This announcement was made during last week’s Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW), North America’s largest aftermarket exhibition.


Since PlatinumShield’s introduction at HDAW in February 2009, Meritor has shipped more than 15 million remanufactured shoes to authorized parts outlets.


“At the product’s introduction three years ago, we began developing a second-generation of platinum coating, fully mindful of the harsh liquid chemicals used in winter road solvents to melt snow and ice,” said Tim Bauer, senior director, Undercarriage Products, Meritor. “Our PlatinumShield II is a new formula designed for today’s demanding climate.”


The second-generation coating is distinguished by its lighter platinum gray color. It will be used on new aftermarket brake shoes with new Reduced Stopping Distance (RSD) friction materials.


PlatinumShield II will also be used on remanufactured brake shoes.


The PlatinumShield coating was developed by Meritor’s brake engineering team to resist micro-abrasion caused by the movement of the brake lining against the shoe table during normal use.


Rust-jacking occurs when rust forms on bare shoe metal under the lining, causing it to lift and crack.


The shoes and exclusive coating are produced at the company’s 275,000-sq. ft. remanufacturing facility in Plainfield, IN. Used shoes are cleaned, shot-blasted and processed through a five-stage wash and pre-treatment process before the PlatinumShield coating is applied.


Bauer pointed out “the real benefit to our customers is lower overall maintenance costs. The elimination of premature brake jobs resulting from cracked linings will make fleets using these shoes more competitive.”


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