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Heavy duty aftermarket associations join forces


The Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network (CVSN) and the Heavy Duty Distribution Association (HDDA) announced a collaborative agreement designed to strengthen the independent heavy duty distributor aftermarket.


The announcement was made at a press conference at last week’s Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week at The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.


Organization leaders explained that while both groups will remain separate and distinct
entities, they will share a number of benefits and programs by virtue of HDDA's segment
affiliation with the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA).


These include market research, public relations, communications, education, governance, publications and legislative and regulatory affairs.


The collaboration will be a major step in expanding AAIA's involvement in the commercial vehicle aftermarket through a closer and stronger partnership with CVSN and its unique programs and initiatives, according to AAIA.




Common goals

"AAIA is extremely pleased to work more closely with CVSN, which will help expand our association's footprint in the overall motor vehicle aftermarket," said Kathleen Schmatz, AAIA president and CEO. "We have seen the recent benefits of collaborating
on legislative issues so this greater 'coming together' will be a real win-win."


"CVSN shares common goals with HDDA and AAIA for the success of our industry segment through education, growling strategic relationships with our supplier partners, and a strong activism to counter unfair competition and regulations that threaten us," said Marc Karon, CVSN president and president, Total Truck Parts.


"For the first time in 45 years, the independent heavy duty aftermarket will speak with one strong voice."


"CVSN has found that partnering with HDDA and AAIA has delivered positive results," Karon continued. "We have found true synergy in working together on projects like Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week and the CVSN Legislative Summit that have benefited our members and the industry."


"The greater collaboration between CVSN and HDDA will leverage the economies of scale from greater access to the valuable resources at AAIA," said Dave Scheer, HDDA chair and president and CEO, Inland Truck Parts. "This new 'coming together' will strengthen all three associations."


"The commercial vehicle industry faces short and long-term challenges that will impact our ability to remain competitive and profitable, especially in the legislative and regulatory arena. By seizing the opportunity to join forces, we now speak with a single, more powerful and influential voice," he said.



About the CVSN

CVSN represents 70 member companies and more than 500 warehouse locations across North America.


The CVSN mission is to strengthen its members' businesses through training, education, legislative awareness and building strong relationships between members and their supply partners.



About HDDA

The Heavy Duty Distribution Association serves aftermarket distributors and manufacturers of parts and services for commercial vehicles in North America.


While HDDA provides customized programs and services for the heavy duty aftermarket, it also benefits from the support and services as a segment of AAIA.



About AAIA

AAIA is a Bethesda, MD-based association whose more than 23,000 members and affiliates manufacture, distribute and sell motor vehicle parts, accessories, service, tool, equipment, materials and supplies.


Through its membership, AAIA represents more than 100,000 repair shops, parts stores nnd distribution outlets.