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OTC Ez-TAP Heavy Duty Wireless Diagnostic System bridging local telematics, diagnostics for the heavy duty industry

OTC, an SPX Brand, has introduced its new Ez-TAP Heavy Duty Wireless Diagnostic System, designed to provide a cost-effective, wireless solution that simplifies preventative maintenance, heavy duty diagnostics and advanced telematics all in the same VCI (Virtual Channel Identifier).

The OTC Ez-based VCI communicates with the vehicle and transfers vehicle information to a PC for efficient diagnostics of the vehicle's state of health.

All of the Ez-based products are powered by OTC's AirBridge 2 Wireless Technology.

"With the latest advances in telematics technology today, a number of cost-effective solutions are available to help fleets boost productivity, address driver safety and ensure fleet operations run as efficiently as possible-all while keeping tabs on emissions to help reduce companies' carbon footprints," said Chuck Kinkade, Product Manager of Equipment and Heavy Duty Tools, SPX Service Solutions.

"OTC is the first aftermarket manufacturer to engineer a heavy-duty vehicle communication interface that has the ability to perform both wireless diagnostics and advanced localized telematics in one easy-to-use tool.

The new system will serve to help fleet owners and technicians enhance productivity and increase their bottom line, all while promoting safety and operational efficiency on the road," he said.


Dedicated technology

Ez-TAP is a fully compliant RP1210a device, providing diagnostic modes of operation for J1939, J1708 and CAN protocols.

With a built-in 9-pin locking connector, the Ez-TAP eliminates the need for a cable and connection to the truck is accomplished in only a few seconds.

Vehicle information is then seamlessly transferred wirelessly to a PC using OTC's AirBridge 2 Wireless Technology for efficient diagnosis of the vehicle's state of health, said Kinkade.

The benefits of using the dedicated AirBridge 2 include:

  • Reduced latency for fast vehicle connections.
  • Quicker more efficient diagnostics of a vehicle's telematics - even if the vehicle is moving through a hotspot.
  • Reduced interference and less vehicle connection drops.
  • Range improvement over traditional wireless technology (100+ feet for Ez-base wireless adapter, up to 1,000 feet for Ez-base extended range wireless adapter).

Two kits

Ez-TAP is offered in two separate kits, providing fleet owners and technicians the choice to purchase the system that best meets their facility's needs.

The Ez-TAP Wireless Diagnostic Hardware Kit (No. 3075) from OTC is a wireless RP1210a-compliant diagnostic tool that communicates with the vehicle and transfers vehicle information to a PC.

It includes a non-locking VCI, wireless adapter and Ez-TAP wireless driver CD, permitting a heavy-duty facility to employ its own OEM diagnostic software in conjunction with the Ez-TAP for direct diagnostic mode operation.

For a more advanced system, the Ez-TAP Fleet Telematics Wireless Starter Kit (P/N 3085) offers the same features as the 3075, but also allows the user to perform advanced telematics on their fleet.

This kit enables users to monitor connected vehicle status locally, and gives the ability to effortlessly switch between Ez-TAP connected vehicles.

With the Ez-Suite Software included in the kit, a vehicle's health and status can be monitored once in the wireless hotspot. The operator can then select to monitor vehicles for faults, user-defined trigger events, and user-selected operational parameters from the electronic systems and sensors on board.

The Ez-TAP requires no subscriptions and no recurring monthly fees.

For more information on OTC's new line of Heavy duty diagnostics solutions and additional details on the different software application packages that are available, please call 1-800-533-6127 or visit www.HDdiagnostics.com.

OTC is an SPX Service Solutions brand. SPX Service Solutions is a leading global developer and manufacturer of advanced diagnostic systems and service solutions for automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), their dealer networks, and retail and aftermarket channels.

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