MACS names 2012 New Product Showcase winners

The 2012 MACS Convention and Trade Showfeatured a new products showcase with 28 new mobile A/C and engine cooling products on display. A panel of the motor press attending the show judged the following products as stand-outs in three categories:

Most innovative new product: Airsept smart splice multi-purpose A/C line repair kit

- Line Splice – 5-Minute metal line repair, no line removal, no special tools required.
- Line Terminator – Blocks line to rear evaporator. Install at front "Y," improve A/C performance.
- In-line Service Port – Replace defective or hard to reach service ports, 5-minute install.

Best use of technology in a new product:
C2 Camera

C2 camera is a side viewing borescope with patented UV lighting technology.  The unique UV LED lit visual borescope inspection tool allows you to inspect and document hard to reach places.  Capture and review images that can be downloaded and e-mailed to your customers.


Most service friendly new product: Heater Treater

The Heater Treater replaces the plastic blend door in the HVAC system with steel. Replacing the existing door with another plastic door is at best a stop-gap solution. The failure is a result of excessive forces generated by the DC servo motor in the operation of the door. Heater Treater was shown for Dodge Ram, Chevy Tahoe and Ford F-150.