PureForge brake technology validated at Southern Illinois university

Breakthrough Atomic-Forging brake technology independently tested at the Center for Advanced Friction Studies at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

As part of the testing protocol, researchers collected and analyzed brake dust debris through a filtration system attached near the rotor.  PureForge rotors produced significantly lower brake dust emissions than the OEM rotors. The lower brake dust emissions are a true breakthrough in green technology. In addition to reducing brake dust emissions, the longer rotor life means significantly fewer rotors will be produced and disposed.

Atomic-Forging Technology

PureForge brakes differ from OEM brakes in the materials and process used to manufacture the rotors. Through a process known as Atomic-Forging, PureForge rotors are treated with a lightning-like effect in a specially-designed chamber to change the molecular nature of steel to make it stronger. This patented and patent-pending technology is the secret behind the durability and performance of the rotors.

Business Opportunities for PureForge

With their Atomic-Forging technology, PureForge believes that they have the “perfect storm” of opportunity to create more U.S. jobs, help the environment, and offer a safer, cost-saving braking solution.  PureForge currently markets their technology and products to law enforcement vehicle fleets, with plans to expand into government and commercial fleets within the next 5 years. PureForge’s innovative maintenance and service agreement enables the company to outfit fleet vehicles with PureForge brakes for no up-front cost, and charge a monthly service fee that saves the fleet money.  This instant savings allows police departments to reduce brake maintenance costs during a time when budgets are strained.

Beyond brakes, PureForge sees many high-friction applications for its Atomic-Forging technology, ranging from medical implants to aerospace applications. The company is limited only by the capital needed to scale and grow to fill the need for their technology. The private-equity financed PureForge sees opportunity for financial help from an unlikely source, as company executives are in negotiations with South Dakota over a $30 million package of grants and low-interest loans to move manufacturing to the state and add 94 jobs within 5 years.

The independent laboratory testing by the Center of Advanced Friction Studies at Southern Illinois University Carbondale proves the effectiveness of the PureForge rotor and their revolutionary technology. The successful testing marks the first step in development of the PureForge Crown Victoria police rotors which are scheduled for market debut near the end of 2012. As PureForge rotors outlast, outperform, and produce less harmful brake dust than all other braking systems, the automotive industry is taking notice of this California start-up and their Atomic-Forging technology.

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