Midtronics, Inc.

Midtronics opens new European headquarters

Midtronics announced the opening of their new European Headquarters facility in Houten, the Netherlands in support of the company's aggressive growth strategy. This expansion effort includes major investments in engineering, sales, marketing, and operations to better serve the existing customer base while preparing for expected growth opportunities created by start-stop systems, hybrid/electric vehicles, and new partnerships in mission-critical power applications.

"This expanded facility will help Midtronics continue to advance battery management with our customers in Europe," said Steve McShane, President and CEO of Midtronics. "Our continued investment in key resources that help create value for our customers is critical to driving ongoing success and growth in the European market."

Midtronics b.v. was established in IJsselstein, the Netherlands in 1990. Since its establishment, Midtronics b.v. has built a significant customer base in both transportation and stationary power battery management. Midtronics plans to significantly grow its European engineering and technology development teams, as well as service operations for system installation and deployment. New production capabilities will also enable the company to more quickly and efficiently supply Midtronics products in and around Europe.