Bosch tire changer portfolio handles both passenger and commercial vehicles

Products include swing arm changers, tilt column changers, leverless center post changers, and changer built for specialty tires and wheels.



The TCE 4465 THPL "leverless" tire changer will change the way you look at tire changers. No longer will you have to reach across the wheel and fight to get beads on the mount head, the TCE 4465 leverless machine will do the work for you. The TCE 4465 THPL will handle passenger and commercial vehicle rims, features external clamping on 12-inch to 30-inch rims, a two position telescoping column raised (raised pneumatically for 15-inch wide wheels at the touch of a button), plus convenient operation on RFT tires through the use of a technoroller and high output motor. The TCE 4465 THPL has a short setup time because of a pneumatic tilting fitting column and pneumatic locking of the mounting head.



This versatile center post design tire changer accommodates rims up to 30 inches in diameter, including run-flats and low profile tires, with dual clamping rollers that effortlessly loosen tire beads and quickly perform tire-to-wheel matching. An easy to use control panel is integrated for simple and accurate tool operation, while the improved center clamping system safely secures the rim to the base of the clamping system. Other features include leverless mounting and demounting, and the changer accommodates tires up to 49 inches in diameter. The changer also features a robust and dependable hydraulic fluid mount / demount system with dual clamping bead rollers with exclusive hydraulic performance.



Although not intended for high volume tire shops, the Bosch Wheel Balancer and Tire Changer Package, with its unique combination of quality and price, is the best value on the market. The Easy Combo Bundle provides low investment cost, and both machines have a small footprint and require only 110 volts. WBE 4100 features Maximum Rim Diameter of 26 inches, Maximum Wheel Diameter of 32.5 inches, and Maximum Width of 13 inches, with an LED display and manual entry.  The TC2205 tire changer has a Maximum Wheel Diameter of 37.5 inches, Maximum Rim Width of 12 inches; with Outside Clamping 10-20 inches and Inside Clamping 12-23 inches. It utilizes a 1.5 HP motor.

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