Bosch tire changer portfolio handles both passenger and commercial vehicles

Products include swing arm changers, tilt column changers, leverless center post changers, and changer built for specialty tires and wheels.

Bosch’s growing portfolio of professional tire changers covers equipment for every tire size from the smallest passenger car tires to commercial vehicle tires up to 56 inches in diameter, and includes swing arm changers, tilt column changers, leverless center post changers, and changers built for specialty tires and wheels.

"Designed to be technician friendly and for long, trouble-free life, Bosch tire changers are built for efficiency, productivity and with advanced features that make tire changing easier than ever, whether changing everyday tires, specialty low profile tires, or large commercial tires," said Frank Nowaczyk, Group Product Manager, Wheel Service for Bosch Diagnostics Business Unit.

Productivity-based Bosch tire changers include:


The Bosch TCE 4225 handles common tire and rim assemblies, and sets a new standard for safe and productive tire changing. The unit’s easy-to-master controls and compact design fit easily into virtually any shop’s work environment. Featuring the classic swing arm design, this rugged machine provides maximum rigidity and turntable torque combined with a 20-inch outside clamping capacity. This tire changer will quickly and easily mount and dismount tires on most passenger car or light truck wheels, as well as other types of vehicles, offering an inside clamping range from 12-23 inches, and outside clamping range of 10-20 inches. This capacity enables the TCE 4225 to service wheels up to 10 inches wide, and accommodate tire diameters as large as 40 inches. Features include a high performance mount/demount head that can be used to apply additional pressure to help mount difficult tires, non-opposing jaws that provide safe, secure, and non-damaging gripping, and inflation jets built into the jaws where they are most effective in seating beads.


This state-of-the-art tire changer accommodates the newest wheel and tire technologies with ease and accuracy. Extra-low-profile tires? No problem. Need to service wheels with modern Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) without the fear of breakage? No problem. This is the machine for you. Features that enable safe servicing of new-generation wheels and tires include an adjustable bead breaker shaft with telescoping adjustments that will adapt to wider rims and larger diameter tires. A high performance mount/demount head incorporates a slot so a tire iron can assist in mounting today’s low profile tires. An innovative non-opposing configuration of adjustable jaws with integral inflation jets allows for safer and more secure gripping of rims, while allowing inflation and bead seating that are faster, easier, and safer.



The rugged Bosch 4335 is a high-end work of structural art, with reinforced operating tilt tower and powerful dual-cylinder pneumatic assist system on the THP model. The TCE 4335 tire changer from Bosch will handle the largest passenger car and light truck wheels and tires with ease, and its high strength, reinforced tilt tower eliminates tower flex that can result in damage to wheels and tires. The beefy dual-cylinder pneumatic assist mechanism on the THP model helps to mount and demount run-flat and other difficult wheels and tires. Other features include opposing jaws with standard jaw protectors that provide safe and damage-free gripping of rims; replaceable plastic inserts on the support arm that extend the service life of the machine while protecting expensive rims; and a clever 3-position bead breaker that incorporates a telescoping capability to facilitate swift, safe, and secure demounting. In addition, carefully integrated air inflation jets direct air to precisely where it’s needed in order to quickly and safely seat beads.

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