Eaton Roadranger

Roadranger cuts red tape by expanding pre-authorized warranty repairs program

Roadranger recently expanded the number of repairs in its Pre-Authorized Warranty Repairs program, providing dealers with automatic approval for warranty repair work. The Pre-Authorized program eliminates the need for calls to the Roadranger Real-Time Warranty center because technicians, service managers and warranty administrators at all truck dealerships in the U.S. and Canada can use a set of standard authorization codes that guarantee payment for more than 20 common repairs.

“Launched in 2008, the Pre-Authorized Warranty Repairs program has been well received by our dealer customers because it allows them to significantly reduce the time and expenses typically associated with warranty claims,” said Jason Dunn, customer support supervisor for Eaton. “By eliminating telephone calls, service personnel can spend more time on the job for improved repair cycle times.  So it is easy to see how the savings can add up quickly.”

Examples of the most common pre-authorized warranty repairs include clutch housing gasket leaks, internal and external cooler failures and splitter oil ingestion.

Access to the entire list of Pre-Authorized Warranty Repair Guidelines is available 24/7 via, where easy-to-follow guidelines covering nearly two dozen repairs for manual and automated transmissions, as well as the clutch, are available.  Visitors are also provided with all the information they need to complete a warranty claim, including a description of the repair, parts required, labor required and parts disposition.  A Pre-Authorized Guideline number is provided in place of a Real-Time Warranty authorization number.

Dunn noted the program will continue to expand with additional repairs and other warranty programs added throughout the year to further enhance the value of Eaton warranties for not only dealers, but also for fleets and all users of Eaton drivetrain components.

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