Dangerous R-134a contamination found worldwide

Immediate call to check all R-134a cylinders worldwide for contamination

As refrigerant identification equipment is widely used in the automotive service industry, Neutronics has determined that their "DX" model automotive refrigerant identifier that meets SAE J1771 requirements can be used for testing "virgin" R134a cylinders to determine the possible presence of the R-40 contaminant.

Neutronics Vice President Peter Coll commented, "As far as R-134a contaminants are concerned, R-40 is about as bad as it can get.  Neutronics Refrigerant Analysis will continue to work closely with SAE, AHR and all other pertinent organizations to help mitigate this very troublesome development."

For additional information, please contact Peter Halpern, Marketing Manager or Peter Coll, Vice President, Neutronics Inc., 456 Creamery Way, Exton, PA  19341, (610) 524-8800, or toll-free (800) 378-2287.

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