BAE Systems and Bates Troy partner

BAE Systems and Bates Troy Healthcare Linens Services are joining in a unique partnership, in which Bates Troy will use a BAE Systems test truck powered by a HybriDrive parallel propulsion system in its healthcare linen service deliveries and pick-ups. While Bates Troy Healthcare Linens Services utilizes the truck for its linen service, BAE Systems will receive valuable data about the fuel economy and performance of the HybriDrive parallel system.

"Having the ability to test the HybriDrive parallel system in a real-world operational situation is very valuable to our product development, to further demonstrate and validate its benefits and value to end-users and their communities," said Dr. Mike Mekhiche, director of programs for power and energy management at BAE Systems. "The opportunity to work with a local company with a sterling record of green initiatives such as Bates Troy, for our mutual benefit, is very enticing and makes absolute sense."

The HybriDrive parallel system is a heavy duty electric-hybrid propulsion system that complements BAE Systems’ HybriDrive series system. It was designed to respond to the specific needs of the heavy duty vocational truck market such as refuse, pick-up and delivery, and construction. With more than 300 million miles of revenue service, more than 25 million gallons of diesel fuel saved, and more than 280,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions prevented, the market-leading HybriDrive series system has proven itself to be one of the most efficient hybrid systems for the transit bus sector and has provided significant environmental benefits.

"Bates Troy has a history of dedication to state-of-the-art technology, and this partnership with BAE Systems to test their hybrid system, was a natural step for us," said Brian Kradjian, president and CEO of Bates Troy Healthcare Linens Services. "We are excited to measure the efficiencies that can be gained through the utilization of the BAE Systems hybrid propulsion technology in our fleet."