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PPG launches Aquacron intermix tinting system

PPG Commercial Coatings has introduced a compact intermix tinting system for its Aquacron line of water-based resins, enabling local PPG distributors to mix some 3,000 pre-formulated Aquacron colors right at their store locations.

"By taking advantage of this intermix tinting system our distributors can now offer faster turnaround on delivering cost-effective, low-VOC, water-based topcoat solutions for a range of commercial and industrial equipment applications," said Steve Podlas, brand manager for PPG Commercial Coatings. "It’s an easy-to-use alternative to ordering custom colors from PPG’s Custom Blend Centers, with the added capability of mixing in batch quantities as small as one gallon. Customers often cannot wait the two or three days to have product made and shipped from a blend center, so this intermix system allows the distributor to fulfill a customer’s demand the same day."

The Aquacron water-based intermix tinting system is designed for use with two fast-drying and easy-to-apply Aquacron topcoat technologies—MV 880 WR Alkyd Enamel and MV 380 WB Acrylic Enamel. The system includes 12 tints and three mixing bases for each of its topcoat resins—white, mid-tone, and deep. There are six bases in all, with each supplied in short-filled containers to accommodate the addition of tints.

According to Podlas, a full complement of color-matching identification tools support the new base tinting system. The Aquacron Color Chip Book offers a selection of some 2,800 color chips and is accompanied by the Aquacron Fan Deck, containing chips for 180 of the most popular industrial colors. The Color Identifier Tool enables the distributor to perform a quick check of a target substrate color and retrieve the closest color match available in the system’s pre-formulated color space.

PPG’s Commercial Coatings group offers a full range of coating technologies for the commercial transportation and light industrial markets, including polyurethanes, alkyds, epoxies, polyurea, waterborne, pre-treatment chemicals and powder coatings. PPG Commercial Coatings products are marketed under several brand names, including Delfleet Evolution, Delfleet Essential, Commercial Performance Coatings, and Amercoat.

For more information about the Aquacron water-based, intermix tinting system, and PPG Commercial Coatings, call (800) 647-6050, or visit www.ppgcommercialcoatings.com.