White and silver most popular car colors in the world

2011 DuPont global automotive color popularity report uncovers insights from 11 key automotive regions

White/White Pearl Tops South Africa; Russia Prefers Black

South Africa had the world’s highest market share of white/white pearl of any region or country analyzed by DuPont in this year’s report, with those vehicles representing 40 percent share.  Silver followed, with nearly 22 percent market share, and black/black effect rounded out the top three with nearly 12 percent share. 

In Russia, black/black effect is the most popular car color, with more than 23 percent market share.  Silver ranked second, with just over 22 percent and white/white pearl represented nearly 15 percent of the market.  Of note, green captured 7 percent of the market in Russia, and though its share decreased from 2010, it is still more than any other region included in the DuPont report.

DuPont 2011 Trend Show “Sense of Color” Showcases Emotions and Dynamics of Color

In addition to its 59th Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, DuPont develops an annual color trend show to share with the world’s leading automotive manufacturers as they seek to develop color palettes for future vehicles.  This year’s trend show, Sense of Color, showcases the emotions and dynamics of color.  The senses play an important role in understanding if a color is loud or quiet, powerful or somber, exotic or sophisticated.  DuPont Performance Coatings demonstrates the influences of colors by how tasteful, touching reminiscent or calming a color will react with consumer preferences and moods.  The 2011 DuPont trend show is segmented into four groups, as follows:

“Déjà vu” – The colors in this group are intense and meaningful as DuPont remembers similar versions of these colors from the past.  Rich greens and reds, like “Green Velvet” and “Flashback” are historic colors that symbolize thoughtfulness, heritage, comfort and stability.  New sparkling effects and intense colors bring a modern fit to white and dark red.  Modern shades of gray and beige bring relevance and quality to the hues, favorites for a mature market and exclusive vehicles.

“Sound of Silence” – Although the colors in this group are slightly muted and quiet, the calming colors featured in this group are determined to make their mark.  The eco-friendly hybrids and energy-efficient technologies are thought provoking inspirations for the future.  In this group, color is influenced by nature’s palette and the fast-growing world of technology.  Sophisticated metallic, soft hues “Crescendo” and “Silent Auction” and earthy tones “Minor Gamut” and “Speechless” coexist in this group, and its dynamic make-up is a natural trend for global consideration. 

“Touch of Blue” – This group focuses on the intense emotional attributes of color, inspired by the environment.  Home accessories and interior design inspire some of the bright and rich blues in this group.  Fashion inspires this group, as well, particularly in the pale blue and grayish undertones.  The sense of familiarity and dramatic impulses of the light metallic and chromatic hues make this group popular among all vehicle segments, which includes contrasting sober shades like “Tactile Teal” and “Tickled Blue.”  DuPont has tracked blue trends in all markets, including automotive to best new style spaces for the automotive segment.  This demand is expected to grow as the global focus on blue increases.

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