MACS previews 2012 mobile A/C Update training clinics

The training of technicians in the proper service and repair of mobile air conditioning systems is at the heart of the Mobile Air Conditioning Society’s (MACS) Worldwide mission. MACS will add a new training clinic curriculum for their original MACS 2012 Mobile A/C Update Clinic.

The MACS 2012 Mobile A/C Update Clinic is an annual collection of the newest, cutting edge service and repair information available to the working technician. Topics to be covered will include:

  • ANOTHER new antifreeze!
  • Cooling fans and airflow issues
  • Early notes on the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt
  • “Eco” modes—what they are and how to test the systems
  • Evaporator temperature sensors—some thoughts
  • Hybrid compressor oil issues
  • HVAC case actuator diagnosis and testing
  • Testing relays and relay circuits
  • The newest compressor

And other MVAC repair related topics will also be covered.

“The training material MACS presents in mobile A/C clinics is unique in that it is geared to aid the working technician to diagnose and repair mobile A/C and engine cooling systems properly and efficiently with the latest methods,” explains MACS manager of service training, Paul DeGuiseppi.

MACS trains on-demand at the request of interested repair facilities, and will hold a limited number of scheduled classes around the country and in Toronto Canada in 2012. Please visit the online training calendar at under the training topic  for the most current list of scheduled clinics. To learn more about scheduling a MACS mobile A/C training clinic please contact Marion Posen at 215/631-7020 x 304 or e-mail