Wireless Matrix launches FleetOutlook 7.0

Wireless Matrix Corporation, a leading provider of GPS fleet tracking services, announced the release of FleetOutlook 7.0, including the introduction of Mobile Supervisor, a mobile application for the iPhone and iPad, and FleetOutlook Express, a fleet tracking solution for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Wireless Matrix designs all of its offerings with its clients’ needs in mind, delivering products that drive business metrics and improve real-time, on-the-go fleet management and collaboration, thus enhancing overall business operations.

FleetOutlook 7.0 enhancements offer users a more scalable solution delivering critical fleet information for increased visibility and productivity of mobile workforces. The introduction of Mobile Supervisor and FleetOutlook Express further support the need for real-time, on-the-go collaboration.

Mobile Supervisor

A mobile application designed for the iPhone and iPad, Mobile Supervisor allows clients to maintain the key functions of FleetOutlook and the management of their fleets, while catering to the ever increasing mobile aspects of daily operations.

To develop a mobile application that provided the most benefits to its customers, Wireless Matrix conducted a survey of over 400 customers and found that just over 75 percent of respondents would regularly use a mobile application if it allowed tracking, vehicle history, nearest vehicle locator and communication with the fleet.

As a result of these survey responses, Wireless Matrix designed Mobile Supervisor to provide the following features on a mobile device: real-time GPS tracking, vehicle status (idle, moving or stopped), color-coded fleets and the ability to quickly see where drivers are and where they have been, plus the option to search for a vehicle nearest to another vehicle, address or location. With Mobile Supervisor’s similar interface to FleetOutlook, there is no need for special training. The application is currently available, free of charge, to FleetOutlook customers through the Apple App Store or iTunes.

FleetOutlook Express

The introduction of FleetOutlook Express offers SMBs, with fleets typically fewer than 40, the ability to take advantage of an enterprise-level GPS offering that starts at a price of $15.99 per vehicle. FleetOutlook Express offers GPS fleet tracking, vehicle history, the ability to search for a vehicle nearest to another vehicle, address or location, and a drag-and-drop administrator tab and power take-off (PTO) for equipment like bucket trucks and tow trucks. Additionally, customers are able to easily upgrade their features and functionality as their business grows through Wireless Matrix’s Silver, Gold and Platinum package offerings.

Additional Enhancements to FleetOutlook 7.0

In addition to the introductions of Mobile Supervisor and FleetOutlook Express, Wireless Matrix made significant upgrades to its existing TechConnect and TechDirect offerings as part of the release of FleetOutlook 7.0.

  • TechConnect is now even faster and easier to use with a more user-friendly interface that allows for drag-and-drop group messaging to in-cab Garmin Personal Navigation Devices (PND). Fleet managers are now also able to see at-a-glance the activity and communications status (e.g. active/inactive and connected/not connected) of their drivers through unique driver status icons. These upgrades to TechConnect allow FleetOutlook 7.0 to more effectively bridge the communication gap between dispatchers and drivers – resulting in optimized work performance and increased customer satisfaction.
  • TechDirect now offers increased visibility into work orders through several key enhancements. Worksites are now visible on a Gantt chart as landmarks, showing a driver’s work time spent at a customer or designated worksite, as well as jobs completed, jobs scheduled and not completed, plus jobs unassigned. Detailed filtering allows users to show only the needed vehicle or driver categories (e.g. bucket truck, work van, manager, supervisor, etc.), while advanced search functions allow for simplified work order tracking through an expanded set of search parameters. While not a replacement for a workforce management system, TechDirect is a useful complement, enabling users to make quick, accurate frontline decisions in real-time.

"At Wireless Matrix we listen and attempt to anticipate the needs of our customers and then deliver solutions that will best help them perform their jobs today, while addressing the challenges of tomorrow," said J. Richard Carlson, president and CEO of Wireless Matrix. "The enhancements released in FleetOutlook 7.0 and the introductions of Mobile Supervisor and FleetOutlook Express provide the products and support needed to enable fleet dispatchers and field service managers to make accurate real-time decisions that meet their customers’ needs. No matter how you look at the evolving location intelligence landscape, the ability to react in real-time while out in the field is what will separate your company from the rest of the pack."

Hear a podcast message from Wireless Matrix President and CEO discussing the key enhancements of FleetOutlook 7.0 along with the benefits of new offerings, Mobile Supervisor and FleetOutlook Express.