Aerofficient offers aerodynamic fixed side fairings

Aerofficient, LLC announces new aerodynamic Fixed Side Fairings for the heavy duty trucking industry. 

The Aerofficient Fixed Side Fairings are high-quality durable panels produced from an engineered injection molded automotive-grade TPO material; which is well-known in the automotive and transportation industries for its high performance properties.  This new Side Fairing will provide customers improved aerodynamics and superior durability, while also yielding a return on investment and low total cost of ownership.  The hinged three-panel construction, consisting of a top, middle and bottom panel, was quality tested to validate the design.  The Side Fairing is lightweight, just over 100 pounds per side and is designed for 10 years, one million miles of use.

Featuring multiple patented and patent-pending elements, the Aerofficient Side Fairings feature a hinged design that permits the fairing to clear a 24" high obstruction without damaging the fairing.  The bottom panel of the fairing has a 180-degree swing and is able to bend inward 90 degrees as well as outward 90 degrees.  This kind of flexibility permits real-world use in drop-down docks and allows the fairing to clear obstructions without damage.

Patent pending attachment brackets are fabricated from engineered, hot dipped galvanized (HSLA 950, HD70G70G) steel that is electro deposition coated.  These brackets are built to the same automotive rust-resistance quality standards as the undercarriage of US built automobiles, and have a patented stainless steel Sprialock nut (developed for the aviation industry) that is resistant to transverse vibration – the primary cause of thread loosening.

Simple and fast to install, the fairings can be installed on a fully loaded sealed trailer in one hour per side with two service professionals using common tools. 

The company also offers an optional landing gear wrap for refrigerated trailers to shield reefer fuel tanks and increase the effectiveness of the Side Fairings.

"We started our business by asking operators what they wanted in a side fairing product.  We got three very clear answers: durability, light weight and durability," said Jim Reiman, CEO, Aerofficient LLC.  "Industry executives want to save money, not spend money fixing broken fairings.  We heard our customers’ message, and believe we’ve delivered a product that exceeds their expectations."

Reiman continued, "While durability is key, so is performance.  Not all side fairings perform equally.  Size matters.  Height matters.  Shape matters.  Details matter. Aerodynamically, our fairings outperform other fairings in the market because they are longer, lower and the correct shape."

Aerofficient has partnered with a Tier 1 supplier to the automotive and transportation industries.  Through this partnership, Aerofficient can offer its customers decades of transportation and manufacturing industry experience as well as superior service.

Soon to be announced are the Aerofficient Slider Fairings, which expand and contract when the bogies are moved; a Front Gap Fairing; and Rear Fairing.  Additionally, Aerofficient will offer financing options such as leasing to its customers.