Arsenault Associates releases Dossier Version 6.1

Dossier 6.1 offers enhancements at both the individual user and enterprise levels, including Arsenault’s exclusive Instant Recall repair histories, incomparable new reporting capabilities, and innovative tools for compliance, benchmarking, and automated...

Hausler said that Arsenault is already using DDX for some Dossier options that communicate externally. Among them are Dossier On-Board, which provides telematics integration, often used with Networkfleet wireless vehicle monitoring and diagnostics.  DDX is also used for the Dossier integration with NAPA TAMS II, which automatically populates Dossier Repair Orders with parts usage data from the customer’s NAPA account.

To sum up, Hausler says that Dossier 6.1 is, "Simply huge. Not only does it deliver great new features, but 6.1 really represents the next generation of Dossier platform technology; it positions our customers for the future."

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