RACO Wireless and Aeris Communications work together to accelerat M2M growth

RACO Wireless, a key machine-to-machine (M2M) partner and enabler, and Aeris Communications, Inc., the nationwide cellular carrier for market-leading telematics programs, revealed that the two companies are teaming up to drive the growth of M2M communications.

RACO Wireless is the T-Mobile Preferred M2M Provider. Aeris Communications offers CDMA coverage throughout North America through its CDMA carrier relationships and GSM coverage through T-Mobile.

RACO Wireless and Aeris Communications are joining together in the spirit of “coopetition” – defined as “two or more competitors working together to meet a common goal” – to help accelerate the deployment of M2M applications.

“Forward-thinking providers of M2M connectivity know that we need to make it as simple as possible for companies to bring M2M applications to market,” said John Horn, President of RACO Wireless. “That’s why Aeris Communications and RACO Wireless have decided to work together to offer our M2M customers the best connectivity and the fastest path to market possible.”

“RACO’s unique relationship with T-Mobile provides Aeris extended access in the U.S. and Europe,” said Mark Cratsenburg, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “We look forward to working with RACO Wireless to help our customers develop new M2M applications that will benefit both the enterprise and consumer markets.”

RACO Wireless makes it easy for companies to build, support and enhance M2M applications because of its unique, streamlined approach to delivering customized M2M connectivity. In fact, RACO Wireless can assemble a flexible, end-to-end M2M connectivity solution for its partners – including delivering custom rate plans, tailored billing solutions and customized wireless connectivity as well as helping them with device certification and branding their M2M applications – within just hours or days.