Trojan Battery Company

Trojan Battery partners with Jackson Truck & Trailer

Trojan Battery Company, the world's leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, is partnering with Jackson Truck & Trailer, a leading national supplier of trucking supplies and equipment, to offer maintenance-free Trojan AGM battery technology to power heavy-duty trucking starting applications and electrical system operations.

“By partnering with Jackson Truck & Trailer, one of the nation’s most trusted resources for heavy-duty trucking equipment and services, Trojan expands the availability of our premium AGM 31 deep-cycle and starting battery technologies to an industry which plays a critical role in transporting goods to consumers across the nation,” said Elke Hirschman, vice president of marketing for Trojan Battery.  “Trojan prides itself on having an extensive network of distinguished distributors and dealers that provide knowledgeable sales and support services that our customers have come to expect from Trojan.  Trojan is confident that the addition of Jackson Truck & Trailer to this distinguished group will be invaluable to supporting Trojan AGM battery products in the trucking industry.”  

As battery-based systems quickly become the preferred technology to power vital truck operations, Trojan and Jackson Truck & Trailer will lead the industry in providing effective battery solutions that assist companies in complying with anti-idling laws nationwide, as well as enable trucking companies to achieve the lowest cost of ownership over the life of their trucks.”

Jackson Truck & Trailer now offers Trojan’s TransPower ST1000 AGM 31 battery for starting applications and the OverDrive AGM 31 to operate auxiliary power units (APUs) and heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.  As a recognized leader in the industry for more than 30 years providing equipment such as trucks, trailers and containers as well as onsite and “road call” repair services to the trucking market, Jackson Truck & Trailer offers a range of powerful Trojan batteries for applications critical to trucking operations.

“As a leader and innovator in the battery industry for more than 80 years, Trojan’s expertise in AGM battery technology enables Jackson Truck & Trailer to offer top-of-the-line equipment and supplies to our customers,” said RJ Williams, president of Jackson Truck & Trailer.  “With several battery options available in the market today, careful consideration must be paid when selecting the proper battery technology for particular trucking applications or functions.   The outstanding performance and durability of Trojan’s maintenance-free AGM batteries enables Jackson Truck & Trailer to maintain its industry commitment to meeting all of the trucking needs of our customers under one roof.”

The Trojan TransPower ST1000 is a powerful, rugged AGM 31 starting battery that delivers 1,000 cold cranking amps (CCAs), a 200-minute reserve capacity, heavy-duty performance and long battery life.  Contributing to TransPower’s high performance and durability are a number of unique design features.  Its heavy-duty plate design delivers nearly double the battery life of standard flooded lead-acid starting batteries and its high-density paste formulation optimizes the paste density, porosity and surface area achieving the right balance of power and longevity.  The TransPower is housed in a thick-walled, durable polypropylene case that keeps the internal components compressed, protecting the plates from damage caused by shock and vibration. The case also is resilient against engine oil, gasoline and road chemicals. 

To withstand the abuse of deep discharge, cycling applications such as APUs and HVAC systems, Trojan incorporates proprietary characteristics into the design of its OverDrive AGM 31 deep-cycle battery.  The Trojan OverDrive AGM 31 features a plate construction thicker than that used in a starting and dual purpose battery.  The thicker section of active materials makes the plate more robust and more resistant to the stresses encountered during deep discharge cycling.  The thicker plate allows the grid to be manufactured with a larger cross-sectional area that can better withstand the corrosion that takes place in every battery. These enhancements result in a plate that is capable of providing a much longer life than a typical starting or dual-purpose battery under the severe conditions of deep discharge operations.