Thermo King introduces new light rail and bus solutions

New solutions address best practices for reducing HVAC energy consumption

IntelligAIRE III offers improved diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities to help increase uptime. Users can monitor any of more than 100 functions and select alarm codes to alert them to any problems.

This innovative solution enables users to load a single program file which they can then save and apply to all buses in a fleet. This option makes the IntelligAIRE III ideal for transit fleets interested in standardizing controls across all units.

The new controller is standard on coach and transit solutions and optional on the Slim Line Rooftop (SLR) and SA-600 shuttle bus air conditioning solutions.

Second Generation Brushless Motors – New brushless motors from Thermo King provide increased energy and operational efficiency and sustainability. This newly engineered solution, which represents a five-year research and development commitment, provides leading-edge brushless motor technology which is unique to the industry.

The new motors, which are now available on the Thermo King rear-mount T Series and the roof-mount low floor (RLF) units, reduce the HVAC unit weight by 20 percent to help improve fuel economy and lower operational costs. Since these are brushless solutions, there are no brushes to check or change, reducing maintenance time for improved operational efficiency.

This new line complements existing brushless motor technology used on Athenia roof mount units and features the same technology as used in the Athenia motors. This second-generation, more sustainable solution features a condenser package that requires less energy for lower power consumption under any conditions.

The brushless motors also offer programmable variable speed which allows for power optimization and conservation and reduces load on the engine. This solution features a significant noise reduction in the condenser to increase driver and passenger comfort and meet external noise requirements.

In the updated brushless motor package, the condenser motor, fan and shroud are now a single assembly and require no adjustments, making maintenance and replacement easier and less expensive. Both the condenser and evaporator motors feature an electronics package that is integral to the motor itself, eliminating the external controllers, wiring harnesses, terminals and studs that were previously required.

This package provides a failure mode indicator to further reduce diagnostic time and cost for technicians when service is required.

All-Electric HVAC – The all-electric HVAC system for buses uses alternating current (AC) enabling users to increase energy and operational efficiency. This solution optimizes air conditioning capacity to provide consistent comfort for passengers and drivers throughout the vehicle at all engine speeds.

The all-electric HVAC system also improves fuel economy by eliminating the negative impact of variable engine RPMs on load and demand.

Because there are no external refrigerant fittings, this solution offers significantly increased system reliability and simple, low-cost installation. The all-electric HVAC solution also uses energy-efficient R407c refrigerant and offers lower operational and life cycle costs because there are fewer parts to maintain and replace, and there are no valves, hoses or seals to leak refrigerant.

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