Bosch introduces 'Long Haul Extreme' alternators

The heavy duty alternators are designed to provide superior power output on the road and while idle.

The new Long Haul Extreme is equipped with a ‘brush’ compound that is unique to Bosch and which enables the brushes in the Long Haul Extreme to last as long as, or longer than, brushless alternators. Though packed with power and features, the Long Haul Extreme alternator weighs significantly less than those using brushless technology while providing more available amperage output.

Thermal Protection

Bosch Long Haul Extreme voltage regulators are built with thermal protection, which allows the alternator to sense extremely high underhood temperatures that could potentially damage the internal components of any alternator and cause it to fail prematurely. The temperature-sensing feature of the voltage regulator allows the alternator to continue to operate at a reduced voltage output until the engine compartment reaches normal operating temperature below 257 degrees F (125 degreesC), at which point the voltage output returns to normal.

Brushless units do not contain this feature and allow the alternator to continue to charge at a full rate until they cease to function due to heat damage or at least experience irreversible damage that will lead to premature failure soon after the terminal incident.

Bosch Long Haul Extreme Bearing Technology

Bosch Long Haul Extreme alternator bearing technology provides exceptionally long life not available from brushless alternators.

  • Bosch Long Haul Extreme alternator bearings use steel that has 40 percent longer life than its closest competitor when tested at a 3,000 Newton meter belt load.
  • Due to the type of grease used in Bosch Long Haul Extreme alternator bearings, and the amount of grease installed in the bearings, Bosch Long Haul Extreme alternator grease has a lifetime 30 percent greater than other alternators when tested at 130 amps output.

“These features allow the Bosch alternator bearings to run 10 to 15 percent cooler. When run at 6,000 alternator rpm, the Bosch bearings operate at less than 120 degrees Celsius, while the closest competitor is 125 degrees, with some as high as 140 degrees,” Padgett said.

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