TMC Fall Meeting


The Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC), America's premier technical society for truck equipment technology and maintenance professionals, will offer a full slate of sessions concentrating on maintenance and equipment issues during its 2011 Fall Meeting, to be held Sept. 19-22 at the Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh, N.C.


The meeting theme, “Maintenance Solutions You Can Count On,” will be carried out through technical sessions covering management, training, product selection, regulations and the environment, including full technical sessions include: Update of U.S. DOT’s Wireless/Smart Roadside Initiative, OEM Response to TMC Recommended Practice Usage and CSA 2010: What Have We Learned?


The Council’s Study Groups will provide technical sessions that include:

- Guidelines for Protecting Vehicle Electrical Circuits.

- Fuel Efficient Engine Oils.

- In-cab Cleaning and Deodorizing.

- Disaster Recovery Planning: A Framework for Business Continuity.

- Limitations of Wide-Base Wheels.

- The Increasing Importance of Intermodal and the Changing Requirements for Its Equipment and Maintenance.

- Energy Overview of Alternative Fuels.

- Condition-Based Maintenance: Part II.

- Design/Specifications and Maintenance of Liftgates for Light/Medium Vehicle.

- Hybrid, Alternative Fuel and Electric Vehicle Update.


TMC’s Service Providers Committee will present the technical session on: Repair Order Approval and Authorization: Part I. The Corrosion Control Action Committee will present: Merlin's Magic Coatings: An Overview of Coatings for Corrosion Prevention.


More than 100 Task Forces will on Monday, Sept. 19, to continue work on recommended practices, information reports and position papers. Nine task forces that will be meeting for the first time include:

- Wheel Fastener Quality Assurance Guidelines.

- Troubleshooting Radial Tire Irregular Wear.

- Mirror Visibility in Inclement Weather.

- In-Cab Cleaning and Deodorizing.

- HVAC for Hybrid Electric APUs.

- Headlight Hazing and Safety.

- Proper Pilot Review Guidelines.

- Mitigating Corrosion on Hydraulic and Air Components on Vocational Vehicle Bodies.

- Mitigating Corrosion on Electrical Components on Vocational Vehicles.


A complete list of task force sessions is included in the meeting prospectus found at TMC’s website at


Fleet maintenance and equipment professionals will have the opportunity to seek redress on equipment problems and exchange information on equipment and maintenance issues during TMC’s Fleet Operator’s Forum, Fleet Talk and Shop Talk sessions.

Additional educational opportunities for meeting attendees will be available at the Technician Training Fair, held in conjunction with TMCSuperTech2011. Six training sessions will be held on Monday and repeated on Wednesday to maximize training opportunities.


The training qualifies for National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation continuing education credits.


In conjunction with the meeting, TMC’s will hold its National Technician Skills Competition - TMCSuperTech2011 - will be held Sept. 19-21. Attendees can watch top technicians from across the country compete in the TMCSuperTech2011 day-long Hands-on Skills Challenge on Tuesday and attend Wednesday’s Awards Luncheon to hear the announcement of this year’s top truck technicians.


Additional information and registration for TMC’s 2011 Fall Meeting and National Technician Skills Competition is available online at