Innovative Thermo King Smooth Air Blower expected to lower fuel usage by up to 7 percent


An innovative new evaporator blower assembly from Thermo King enables transport customers to gain improved energy and operational efficiency for their single and multi-temperature refrigeration units while lowering fuel costs.

Thermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature control systems for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, has enhanced its Spectrum and SB-30 series units with the Smooth Air Blower, which can increase cooling capacity by up to 4 percent and lower fuel usage by up to 7 percent.

The Smooth Air Blower enhancement is now standard on Spectrum multi-temperature refrigeration units and SB-30 series single-temperature refrigeration units, including the SB-130, SB-230 and SB-330. These refrigeration solutions can help owners and operators reduce fuel and operating costs and minimize driver involvement with the refrigeration units.

The Smooth Air Blower assembly requires 24 percent less power than previous generation blower assemblies, said Tom Kampf, product manager for Thermo King.

This solution features a more efficient blade design resulting in a smaller blower assembly. Smoother inlet air means less friction and less energy consumed, resulting in increased capacity.

“Fuel costs, especially now, are a major part of our customers’ budgets, so Thermo King is working to find innovative solutions like this to help them lower costs and increase efficiency,” he said. “The Smooth Air Blower Assembly also helps our customers improve sustainability and overall efficiency.”