Advantron Technologies develops electro-magnetic engine technology

Michigan’s Advantron Technologies has developed, for electric vehicles, a patented new electro-magnetic engine technology that has more horsepower than traditional combustion engines, and is a direct-drive system that can be used with any vehicle.  

Advantron CEO, Matthew Lebenbom says: “Our technology allows for electric vehicles not only to provide green technology to the consumer, but also the excitement and power of the combustion engine. 

“So far our simulation and testing has shown that our patent pending motor generator design will allow us to reach our goal of a 700- to -1,000-mile range before needing complete recharging, as opposed to today’s’ current 30- to 50-mile range.

“It’s our company’s technology that will push the electric vehicle into main stream America. Our technology is what makes the EV business model realistic.” 

Lebenbom believes his company’s technology has other applications in the aerospace, power sports, windmills, generators and marine industries too.   

Advantron is looking at setting up a technical center in Oakland County, Michigan, to build the first prototype. “Southeast Michigan is where we will design and develop this engine technology and also manufacturer it.”

The company expects to be up and running in their new facility by the end of the second quarter of 2012.