From FMX magazine: Tips on implementing proactive maintenance

Ask any fleet operations manager with a preventive maintenance program to describe the “old days” and they will invariably wax on about a litany of incidents that left drivers unexpectedly stranded at the side of the road in between pick-ups and deliveries. They will roll their eyes as they recall the chaos and panic of juggling rescues and rescheduling available resources.

Seems like the old days were more like the “not-so-good days” when it came to maintenance. The only prescription for controlling maintenance expenses was to follow the vehicle’s manual. The necessary technology for building a proactive maintenance program simply had not evolved.  

However, things are much different today. Engines have become more complex with the addition of emission controls and more sophisticated technology. They can actually self-diagnose.

Thanks to the evolution of the onboard computer, engines have a way to communicate, via a cable connection and exception alerts, that certain mechanical issues are brewing which could cause a major problem if gone untreated.

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