Fontaine Fifth Wheel developing a "smarter" way to couple/uncouple

Fontaine Fifth Wheel, the world’s largest fifth wheel manufacturer, is putting the finishing touches on its Dual Assist Camera System Video for fifth wheels.

The system is a set of video cameras, mounted behind a tractor’s fifth wheel – one forward and the other facing rearward, that follow the movement of the trailer kingpin into and out of the fifth wheel during the coupling or uncoupling of a trailer.

The video, complete with sound, is shown in real time on a video display that is mounted in the tractor’s cab, explains Aaron Puckett, director of fleet sales for Fontaine Fifth Wheel and the inventor of the video system. By watching and listening to the coupling/uncoupling process, a driver will know whether it has been done properly and safely, and that the trailer is secured within the fifth wheel.

A video on the system can be viewed online at

The video cameras are heated, have lights and contain covers that automatically open and close to protect the system when they are not being used.

Puckett says the Fontaine Dual Assist Camera System Video, which was on display at the recent Technology & Maintenance Council’s 2014 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition, will be available in the aftermarket this fall.