Gabriel expands heavy duty product and service offerings

The Original Gabriel (Ride Control, LLC) – a  leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy duty Fleetline and GasSLX shock absorbers since the 1950s – has announced that it has expanded its product and service offerings significantly since it began distributing directly to heavy duty customers one year ago.

GasSLX is a premium adjustable gas shock that provides customizable comfort and control. FleetLine Commercial Truck and Trailer shocks are designed to be a direct replacement for OE shocks

Gabriel has added 44 new truck, trailer and bus SKUs and 116 new competitive interchanges to its coverage. All are listed in the newly available Gabriel 2014 catalog, which has been increased by 762 lines.

Gabriel’s extensive Fleetline and GasSLX product line covers more than 3,000 OE part numbers and more than 2,000 competitors’ aftermarket part numbers, says Gerry Stea, the company’s director of OE and aftermarket heavy duty sales. This exceeds Gabriel’s “nearest competitor's listed offerings by more than 50 percent in total.”


Available training opportunities

With an all-new Gabriel sales force, the company now offers training to help distributors and/or their customer base understand the unique benefits of Gabriel products, maintenance parameters and other common issues, Stea notes.

The company has developed a training presentation, as well as a number of hand-out materials, to provide in training sessions.

Interested customers should call Gabriel customer service at 800-251-5932.


One year later

One year ago, Gabriel severed a long-standing, single-source distribution relationship and began selling and distributing its product to the heavy duty aftermarket on its own.

Gabriel called on its experienced manufacturing and distribution teams – groomed on the company’s light vehicle business – to quickly ramp up the product pipeline, establish heavy duty launch processes and meet the extraordinary demand for its products, says Stea. “The program launch has been flawless.

“We’ve been able to completely replace our previous business while servicing our customers’ needs better by adding marketing, product and training support previously unavailable. Now that we communicate directly with our customers, we know their requests and are able to act. It’s the key to our success.”



The originator of the world’s first automotive shock absorber in 1907, “The Snubber,” Gabriel’s product line of shocks for heavy duty applications is made up of:

- Fleetline series 83000 for Class 3 to 6 trucks.

- Fleetline series 85000 for Class 6 to 8 trucks, trailers and buses.

- Fleetline Cab shocks.

- GasSLX, an adjustable shock for Class 7 to 8 trucks and buses.

“Gabriel’s product is time-tested and proven over billions of owner driven miles and Gabriel continues to lead the heavy duty aftermarket industry in coverage with more than 116 competitive interchanges,” says Michael Lipski, vice-president sales and marketing for Gabriel. “Gabriel combines that with the distributor training and a listening ear.

“The result is market-leading product and service offerings that are unmatched today.”