MACS State of the Industry: A/C faces big challenges

The mobile air conditioning industry faces some major challenges, due in large measure to the fact that A/C systems are lasting longer, according to the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) State of the Industry Report presented at the MACS Training Event and Trade Show at the New Orleans Sheraton. Ward Atkinson, MACS technical director, presented the report during the training event and trade show.

A/C systems in cars are lasting longer and requiring less service, Atkinson noted in reviewing the 2013 MACS Field Service Vehicle Survey, the first nationwide survey on mobile air conditioning systems in the U.S. vehicle fleet in 10 years. He also noted that multiple refrigerants will have to be addressed in the future.

The second part of the State of the Industry Report includes data on MAC refrigerant usage, EPA SNAP approval, refrigerant cost, MAC systems using R-1234yf, the European R-1234yf issue, EPA R-7-44 SNAP use conditions, current R-744 issues, R-455 blend refrigerant and new R-455 SAE service standards.

The third part of the State of the Industry Report includes "Vehicle Fires and Cabin Air Quality."

The last part of the report includes "Use of 100 percent Recirculated Air" and "Industry Carbon Dioxide Exposure Limits."

The survey is available to review online.