Cummins halts development of its planned 15L natural gas engine

Cummins is putting development of its 15L spark-ignited natural gas engine – the ISX 15 G – on hold for the time being.

Officials said that while the company feels the use of natural gas engines will power to grow in the North American truck market, the timing of the adoption of 15L engines natural gas engines in long-haul fleets is uncertain.

The ISX15 G, announced in early 2012, is a spark-ignition design similar to that of the smaller 11.9L ISX12 G that went into production last year.

A spark-ignited engine can run on either compressed or liquefied natural gas.

Cummins will re-evaluate the ISX15 G’s future later this year, officials said.

At present, the company offers two natural-gas engines for heavy duty trucks through its joint venture with Westport Innovations. They are the 12L Cummins Westport ISX12 G and the 9L ISL G.

Cummins was developing the ISX15 G outside of the joint venture.

Last October, Westport Innovations discontinued its 15L dual-fuel, diesel-natural gas engine due to low sales.