From FMX magazine: The benefits of fueling fleets with biodiesel

What do Yellowstone National Park, Clif Bar & Company, Fort Wayne, Indiana and the City of Phoenix have in common? They are among the thousands of fleets nationwide that rely on biodiesel fuel to get the job done every day in a cleaner, greener and more sustainable way - and without the need for costly vehicle modifications and fueling infrastructure investments.

Biodiesel is a high quality, domestically produced, renewable, clean-burning alternative to petroleum diesel fuel, and your local fuel supplier is blending it in increasing amounts with traditional diesel. 

Using biodiesel is easy. As a drop-in replacement for diesel fuel, biodiesel blends up to B20 (20 percent biodiesel blended with 80 percent petrodiesel) can be used in any diesel vehicle without modification, according to manufacturers’ recommendations, and dispensed through existing fueling stations. So, biodiesel offers an instant way to green a fleet without costly equipment investments. 

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