Goodyear announces its Smart Fleet program

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company’s new Smart Fleet for owner operators and mid-size fleets offers them many of the benefits that had only been reserved for national account fleets.

Jose Martinez, digital and business solutions manager for Goodyear Commercial Tire Systems,  says owner operators and mid-size fleets that join the program will have:

• Access to Goodyear-branded truck tires and technologies, including Fuel Max Technology, which incorporates fuel-saving compounds and construction to help promote energy efficiency and DuraSeal Technology, the industry’s only self-sealing tire technology.

• Online published pricing on new tires, retreads and services which will be honored by participating members of a nationwide network of 2,200 authorized Goodyear commercial tire dealerships.

• 24/7/365 roadside assistance provided by the Goodyear-FleetHQ suite of business solutions.

“On average, Goodyear-FleetHQ gets trucks up and running in two hours and 11 minutes,” he notes. “In addition, Smart Fleet members will not have to pay a dispatch fee for road service calls, which can add up to significant savings.”

• Customized tire performance and service activity reporting to help fleets better manage their tire investment more effectively.

• Tools to help owner operators fleets lower their operating costs and improve their results.

The intent of Smart Fleet is to help commercial trucking fleets of all sizes and configurations lower their operating costs.


“All prices will be published at national account rates, which eliminates uncertainty around price,” say Martinez. “Smart Fleet members will receive the same pricing at any participating Goodyear commercial tire dealership nationwide, so there are no pricing surprises, whether on the road or at home.”

Smart Fleet members also will have the ability to streamline the scheduling of tire and service appointments by providing relevant information online, ahead of time, he said.

There is no charge to join Smart Fleet for qualifying customers. Once approved, Smart Fleet members will receive a welcome package from Goodyear that includes detailed program and contact information; an identification card with a unique membership number; relevant tire and retread specs and pricing; a list of the top three recommended, authorized Goodyear commercial tire dealerships in their area; and more.

Interested parties can sign up for the Goodyear Smart Fleet online. Click on the “Join Now” button, then click on “Apply Now,” then fill out and submit an easy-to-complete application form.