WheelTime and Cojali offering multi-brand vehicle diagnostics software tool

WheelTime, North America's largest dedicated service and parts network for Quality Truck Care, and Spanish-based Cojali, a group of companies that provides business solutions for the worldwide heavy duty commercial vehicle market, have joined forces to offer Cojali's Jaltest multi-brand diagnostics tool to the North American market.

Cojali, Europe's largest multi-brand diagnostic tool supplier, developed this new tool with product testing assistance from WheelTime that began in 2010. To help further establish the Jaltest tool in North America, it formed a division in the U.S. - CojaliUSA, based in Miami, Fla.

At an exclusive press event in Campo de Criptana, Spain - where Cojali is headquartered, Cojali USA's director of sales and business development Emilliano Morales said the Jaltest all-makes total truck diagnostics software tool "conveniently integrates" all major systems and manufacturers - engine, transmission, brake systems, cabin system, suspension and more - into one simple software bundle.

Because Jaltest is all inclusive, there is no need to buy many expensive and separate systems, he noted

Market specific

The Jaltest software customized for the U.S. market features the user friendly Vehicle System Scan process which allows a user to get productive quickly. With just one click, Jaltest will read out all systems installed in a vehicle and pull out relevant information via its VIN decoding feature.

Also imbedded within the Jaltest tool is a complete Technical Database that contains schematics, wiring diagrams, system technical data and troubleshooting guides.

The overall objective of Jaltest, Cojali's Morales said, is to help technicians get to the core of the problem fast, the first time around.

Growth of electronic systems

A major challenge in diagnosing vehicle issues is the growth of electronic systems and electronic control modules (ECUs), observed Jill Gingrich, director of client support for WheelTime. Today's motor vehicles have more than 20 ECUs, each requiring proprietary software to determine contributing factors in order to consistently and quickly to diagnose problems.

The diagnostic step in an all-makes total truck care service environment has been the weakest link, she pointed out. In WheelTime's search for a solution, it began discussions with Cojali.

Among other things, for European applications, Cojali manufactures cooling systems (fans, fan clutches and plastic blades) and air brake systems; produces its Jaltest multi-brand diagnostics solutions; and remanufactures and reprograms electronic components.

Founded in 1991, Cojali introduced its multi-brand diagnostic tool in Europe in 2003.

The heart of the problem

OEM diagnostic tools "see" only their systems and offer a narrow but deep dive, WheelTime's Gingrich explained. A multi-brand diagnostic tool "sees" all truck systems on all makes with the right amount of information to diagnose faults, identify contributory factors and support technicians for the majority of repairs.

The Jaltest tool makes consistent diagnosis, regardless of truck or components OEM, a reality, she added, and that improves repair quality and increases repair speed.

Updates, introduced three times per year, are easily accessed online with new developments offered throughout the year. There is also North American technical support and training.

The Jaltest tool sells for around $5,200, according to Cojali officials. That, they say, is about half the cost of acquiring multiple OEM systems, not including the thousands of dollars in annual individual OEM system update fees.

All of WheelTime's 200 locations nationwide have the Jaltest tool. WheelTime will provide sales and distribution of Jaltest in North America, plus will provide support and training on the tool.

Cojali has sold approximately 1,200 Jaltest tools to fleets and repair shops throughout North America.

Product development

Cojali's Morales said the company is continuing to evolve its Jaltest tool for North America, which presently covers light, medium and heavy duty trucks. A semitrailer version is planned for introduction next year, as are versions for motorcoaches and agricultural equipment.

Under development is the Jaltest GRP (Garage, Reception & Productivity) module for optimizing vehicle shop management, including customer and vehicle management, historical record of repair orders, parts management and invoicing. This will be introduced in Europe in 2014 and later in North America.

Cojali has developed a real-time vehicle telematics solution that is being used by the Spanish military. It intends to adapt this technology to heavy duty commercial vehicles.

Meanwhile, the company is planning to introduce its fan clutches to the North American market sometime next year. These include electronic-controlled, pneumatic an viscous products.