Pending government action on trucking eyed by ATA

ATA keeping tabs on potential new federal mandates.

Connected Vehicles

Scott said that within the next two years, it is expected that NHTSA will make a rulemaking Decision regarding vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communications on light and heavy vehicles.

Connected Vehicles, also called Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V21), is the wireless exchange of data among vehicles and infrastructure traveling in the same vicinity.

The exchange of data offers opportunities for crash and congestion reductions, he pointed out.

The vision for V2V is that each vehicle on the roadway (automobiles, buses, trucks and motorcycles) will be able to communicate with other vehicles, and that the data and communications will support a new generation of active safety applications and systems.

Truck cab crashworthiness

As part of the new Highway Bill, NHTSA is required to conduct research on truck cab crashworthiness.

NHTSA has contracted with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute UMTRI to conduct this research, Scott said. UMTRI is establishing an advisory group to advise it on its research effort and ATA will be part of that advisory group.

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