Mac Tools introduces power tools, lights, screwdrivers, utility cart and thematic products

Mac Tools hosts special press conference prior to fall trade shows.

Mac Tools has been on a roll with new tools this year, and as 2013 winds down, the company recently held a special press conference at its Westerville, Ohio headquarters to take the wraps of several new tools that have been introduced to the market. On hand for the special unveiling were Mac Tools executives, product managers, leaders from Mac Tools’ parent company Stanley Black & Decker, Kalitta Motorsports and representatives of 15 automotive media outlets.

Brett Shaw, president of Mac Tools, welcomed the attendees and noted the company’s commitment to new product development. “It’s all about innovative products. It’s also about operational excellence,” he said in pointing out that product innovation is the company’s first objective as a tool distributor franchise organization. After product innovation come financing, branding and marketing.

“We think we’re posed for magnificent growth,” he noted.

Shaw turned the program over to Robert Holmes, director of marketing, and John Castelino, director of product and marketing. Holmes noted that the Kalitta Motorsports team was on hand to demonstrate that Mac Tools tools are being used in one of the most demanding automotive maintenance environments. He noted that the Kalitta crew, which was on its way from its headquarters in Ypsilanti, Mich. to Indianapolis, Ind. for the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals, works on the best cars using the best available tools.

Holmes noted that with a new program called Top Fuel Team Tested and Approved, as Mac Tools develops new tools, Team Kalitta is first to test them. “Ultimately, it’s about making the tool the best possible for the technician,” Holmes said.

Castelino seconded this observation: “We are all about building the best product for the automotive technician."

Castelino said the new tools being introduced are among 500 new products that came to market in 2013. The attendees were then treated to special demonstrations of new cordless power tools, new utility carts, a new screwdriver, new shop lights, and thematic tool boxes.

Cordless Power Tools

Jeff Connell, product manager for power tools, explained the cordless impacts, ratchets and drills built from glass-filled nylon and other quality materials. The tools are built tough to withstand harsh automotive fluids in a shop environment and are powered by DeWalt’s advanced battery, switch and electronic technology.

Connell noted that Mac Tools was able to share DeWalt’s technology in designing professional power tools built specifically for high-torque automotive applications. He said Mac Tools and DeWalt batteries are interchangeable.

Available in both the 12V Max and 20V Max battery platform, Mac Tools new cordless impacts feature die-cast aluminum housings for reduced weight and maximum durability, and a feather throttle for maximum operational control. The impacts also feature an ergonomic handle design with a forward center of gravity to provide superior balance and control that reduces fatigue and improves productivity. Connell demonstrated the impact by removing lug nuts.

Four new world class air tools designed and built tough for automotive technicians.

The new AR Titanium Series close quarter sealed head ratchets include a 3/8" drive (AR038B) and ½" drive (AR050B) models. These tools’ sealed head ratchets were thoroughly tested and approved by professional technicians at automotive, truck, diesel and independent shops, as well as dealerships servicing heavy equipment.

“The new AR Titanium Series ratchets are the most durable and best balanced ratchets we’ve ever designed and built,” said Connell. “Professionals require ratchets that are not only fast, but live up to the rigors of the shop. The AR Titanium Series will change the way technicians view air ratchets.”

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