PHH Arval launches FleetSelect


If you’ve ever shopped for a car online, you know that automobile manufacturers make it easy for their customers. Want to see that convertible in cherry red, instead of blue? Just move your mouse.
In the fleet management world, however, legacy systems made ordering vehicles more of a manufacturing oriented experience.

Unlike most fleet firms, PHH has tackled this problem with FleetSelect, a new ordering system wherein customers now have an experience that is more akin to being in a virtual dealer showroom.

PHH Corporation ( is a leading provider of business process management services for the mortgage and fleet industries.

“It’s a leap forward for the industry and it was built in house, at PHH’s Innovation Center,” says Rob McFeaters, PHH Arval’s chief information officer, who is responsible for the company’s overall IT delivery and technology strategy.

PHH Arval (, a subsidiary of PHH is a leading fleet management services provider in the United States and Canada.


Increase productivity

PHH is “continually deliver technology solutions that maximize the productivity of our clients’ drivers and vehicle assets at the lowest possible cost,” he says. “Our vision for PHH FleetSelect, our North American Ordering application, is a touch less ordering process which brings data and information to clients, drivers and PHH personnel faster, more effectively, and with more accuracy than ever before.”

“Additionally, we want to provide our North American clients with a seamless ordering experience providing online client policies and centralized functionality at their fingertips.”

With FleetSelect, fleet managers are now able to make easier vehicle selections with a 360 degree view along with a very detailed description of the vehicle, and are able to see everything they need to make their selections including build out dates.

FleetSelect is updated from automated supplier feeds allowing PHH, drivers and clients to have a centralized hub for all in-flight orders of constant visibility as to how orders are moving through the build and delivery process ensuring that we are maximizing their productivity, says McFeaters.