High-Efficiency Truck Users Forum to hold 2013 regional meetings

The High-Efficiency Truck Users Forum (HTUF) aims to bring industry stakeholders together to accelerate commercialization of high-efficiency technologies for the military and commercial truck and vehicle markets.

HTUF 2013 marks a turning point in the program as the focus is on high-efficiency technologies and top cross-cutting issues versus their original focus on hybrid vehicles. Their aim in working with fleets, vehicle OEMs, suppliers, military, policy makers and other stakeholders is to remove barriers to commercialization and create enablers that accelerate adoption.

HTUF Regional Fleet Workshops are one-day "Ride and Drive and Product Showcase" events featuring the latest high-efficiency technologies for medium and heavy duty vehicles.

At the meetings, attendees will have the opportunity to get "behind the wheel" of several high-efficiency vehicles and evaluate today's economic business case for several high-efficiency technologies. The idea is that this will help improve fleet economics with new funding strategies and opportunities so fleet professionals can develop their own clean fleet strategy and deploy these technologies in the most cost-effective manner.

The meetings will take place at outdoor venues, with a large area for vehicle staging and product displays. There will be a minimum one-mile enclosed track for vehicle test drives and demonstrations, as well as product rollouts and networking opportunities.

There will also be optional Fleet Tutorials focusing on:

  • Funding and Incentives
  • Fleet Economics
  • Fleet Deployment Best Practices

The tutorials will be offered on a round-robin, open-house format, so that the Fleet Managers are free to sample whatever topics are of greatest interest to them. They are deliberately avoiding typical classroom lecture style formats, while at the same time structuring the tutorials to provide the most relevant information in the most effective format possible.

Meetings are being held at the following locations and times:

  • Southeast Regional Fleet Meeting, May 22, 2013, Birmingham, Ala.
  • Southern California Regional Fleet Meeting, Summer 2013
  • New York Regional Fleet Meeting, Fall 2013
  • Northern California Regional Fleet Meeting, Early 2014

For more information, contact Kimberly Taylor at 626.622.6229/ktaylor@calstart.org or Megan Maguire at 303.503.2287/mmaguire@calstart.org.