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Good Samaritans: Georgia distributor couple lend a fellow distributor a trailer, helping him recover from a truck burglary

When a fellow distributor needed help, Randon and Tammy Basch didn’t think twice about it. The Basches, who operate a Matco Tools distributorship in Hoschton, Ga., lent a trailer to a distributor in their district whose tool truck was ruined because of a burglary. Their willingness to aid a fellow distributor demonstrates the camaraderie that exists among many tool distributors and the important role it plays in the mobile tool distribution industry.

Randon and Tammy Basch knew Jonathan Winstel from district meetings. Winstel, who operates a distributorship in Monroe, Ga., is grateful to the Basches for lending him a hand when he needed it. Winstel’s recovery from the loss he suffered when someone stole his truck was the subject of a cover story in the December 2012 Professional Distributor Magazine. To read the story, click here.

The Basches were attending the Matco Tools 2010 tool show when Winstel, who was also at the show, got a phone call that his truck had been stolen. Randon Basch, upon hearing of Winstel’s misfortune, immediately told Winstel he had a trailer he could use to service his cutomers.

Winstel used the Basches trailer for three months while his truck was being repaired. As reported in the Professional Distributor article, Winstel had his best month ever while working from the trailer. Winstel’s business has recovered since the 2010 setback.

The Basches didn’t think twice about lending Winstel their trailer. “If we needed something, somebody would help out,” notes Tammy Basch. “We’ve got a great district where we are.” The distributors in her district have meetings every six weeks where they share ideas.

The Basches didn’t ask Winstel for anything in return for the use of their trailer. They knew he was in a tight spot financially. But Winstel nonetheless paid the Basches a rental fee for the use of the trailer. “He took very good care of it,” Tammy Basch notes.

The Basches have been appreciative of the support they have gotten from fellow distributors ever since Randon Basch rode with his mentor, Rick Hodges. The Basches claim Hodges and other distributors have been generous sharing best practices.