AAPEX Seminar: Telematics presents the automotive aftermarket new challenges and opportunities

Technology takes service from the point of sales to the point of need.

In responses to a question, Dykstra said telematics currently costs $150 for the hardware in a vehicle and $5 to $7 per month for air time. He said service shops can cover some of this cost. He noted that payment scenarios vary. "We don't want to tell the aftermarket how to slice it," he said.

Asked if the car can communicate directly to a parts supplier, Dykstra said telematics makes this possible.

Asked how much time it takes shop personnel to manage customer communications using telematics, Dykstra said the amount of employee time has not been great.

Asked if the costs will decline over time, Sissmore said it is more likely that costs will stay level but the information offering will increase.


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