Auto industry veteran Dick Cross cites elements of leadership at ASRW

Consultant and former Carstar CEO notes need for vision, strategy and execution.

4)      Courtesy. Extending yourself in small ways such as holding doors, looking people in the eye, and writing things down as you’re listening to people. “If you take notes when someone is talking to you, it will send them to the moon.”

5)      Humility. “It’s the 10-pound sledgehammer of loyalty. Nobody wants to let down a humble leader.

6)      Unselfishness.

7)      Good humor. “There is no excuse for you in your job at the top to lose your cool.”

8)      Guilelessness.  Lack of suspicion. There is no place for talking about people behind their backs. If a subordinate comes to you with a complaint about someone, tell them to address the person directly or have them both sit down and discuss the issue with you.

9)      Sincerity. Do what you say you will do.

Cross ended his talk encouraging business owners to “be the lore.” “Your organization wants to have stories about you. Give them stories.”

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