New technology ensures truck drivers are using hands-free phones


The prevalence of cell phones is causing a dilemma for operators of commercial fleets. While mobile phones are necessary business tools, they can also be deadly distractions.

ORIGO is a new technology intended to solve that problem with a solution that makes sure drivers are using hands-free phones.

It is an easily installed, fully integrated solution that supports the top-selling smart phone models and doesn’t let the vehicle engine start until drivers place their phones into a docking station.

Unlike phone-disabling solutions that require software updates or can be easily overridden - further adding to distracted driving, “ORIGO harnesses Bluetooth technology to enable drivers to talk while driving, thereby bolstering productivity and enhancing safety,” said Clay Skelton, ORIGO’s inventor.

ORIGO also serves as a theft deterrent as the vehicle will not start without an authorized phone in place.

“Commercial fleet owners have tried training, applications, tracking devices and other solutions, but these are not enough to make commercial driving safer,” he said. “By taking the phone out of the driver’s hands - but not preventing a driver from being connected - ORIGO can significantly reduce accidents and increase safety in commercial fleets, enhance driver performance, safeguard the fleet and greatly reduce insurance costs.

ORIGO is simple to install and manage, giving employers peace of mind knowing their drivers are safe and focused while on the road.”

The patent-pending ORIGOSafe Commercial version comes with a module called ORIGOCommand which is an enterprise level, iPad-based, fleet management package that gives the administrator the ability to add or delete phones and users from the system, create teams of drivers and view reports. The system uses a central database for the administrator to manage multiple fleets at multiple locations and restrict use to an easily manageable list of authorized drivers.

Commercial fleet managers face some stark statistics. The National Safety Council estimates at least 28 percent of all traffic crashes - or at least 1.6 million accidents each year - involve drivers using cell phones and texting. That equates to 6,000 deaths and 500,000 injuries a year.

The ORIGOSafe is available for about the cost of one truck tire, said Skelton. It’s easy to install, configure and administer and provides commercial fleet operators with verifiable compliance to company policies and state and federal laws.

“ORIGO was developed so that people and companies no longer waste time and money on 'honor system' products that just temporarily raise awareness without providing a long-term solution,” he said. “ORIGO helps commercial fleet operators maintain their drivers' productivity while complying with the laws, and fostering a safe working environment.”

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