Zonar introduces the 2020 telematics tablet

Calls it the “next frontier of mobile transportation technology”

“While the 2020 encompasses an expansive set of functionality, customers also have the option of adding and customizing new applications,” said McQuade. “The open platform provides the flexibility to develop applications that capture data unique to their fleet.”

In addition to the available 2020 applications, customers have the flexibility to customize the tablet to their unique fleet needs. The Android operating platform provides a fast and easy medium to develop customized 2020 applications to collect additional fleet data, he said.

Customers can independently develop their own or engage Zonar to build applications on their behalf.

“With the ability to customize applications to deliver fleet specific data, the 2020 is a powerful and versatile tool in helping fleet managers effectively and efficiently run their operations,” said McQuade.

“Zonar is passionate about innovating products that revolutionize the transportation industry and takes fleet management to a whole new level. “Not only does the 2020 tablet push the limits of transportation technology with fleet applications, tailored data, and verified inspections, it provides insights and visibility into aspects of fleet management that were never available before.”

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