Central Tools mourns passing of chairman and principle owner

Central Tools has advised of the passing of Chairman and Principle owner, Alec Dawson.  

Central Tools released this statement: 

After a brief illness, Alec passed peacefully on Sunday evening surrounded by his family. His presence at Central Tools will be sorely missed, but his influence never forgotten.

Many of you receiving this notice have known Alec for many years and count him among your close friends in our industry.  Others have known him more casually but have been no less touched by his jovial nature.  His booming laugh could usually be heard by all during the early hours of a trade show opening as he made his rounds visiting and talking with anyone who would return the favor of time.  To some he was simply known as “the man with the crazy hats”.  His plan was to provide a memorable experience at our booth and that was what the attendees always received.

Alec is survived by his wife Nancy and his three children; Bruce Dawson, David Dawson and Anne Marshall Brown.  He is also survived by five grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews.  The Central Tools family will always be grateful for his kindness, generosity and father like support.

A funeral for relatives and friends is scheduled for August 3 at the Potter Funeral Home in Westport, Mass.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the Westport Free Public Library, 408 Old County Rd,Westport, MA 01790 or to The Steel Yard, 27 Sims Ave.,Providence, RI 02909.