Western Star offers lightweight components for weight-sensitive applications

Western Star Truck Sales is offering weight-sensitive customers lightweight spec options that increase payload capacity and improve fuel efficiency.

Ideal for liquid and dry bulk applications, customers can spec their trucks with dozens of lightweight options, saving hundreds of pounds at a minimum cost.

"Our customers value Western Star's rugged durability, but are constantly challenged with meeting weight requirements," said Guy Lemieux, marketing manager highway segment, Western Star. "Our weight-saving options offer even more ways to not only impact their bottom line, but also maintain the premium quality inherent to Western Star."

Lightweight options available for Western Star trucks include:

  • Various sizes of fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tanks to optimize fuel tanks size.
  • Aluminum clutch housings.
  • Aluminum air tanks.
  • Aluminum fifth wheel.
  • Aluminum front drop casting.
  • Air ride front suspension with tubular axle.

Meritor Steelite brake components and proprietary Airliner suspension with aluminum brackets can also be spec'ed, as well as a wide range of single frame rail options to meet strength requirements without the added weight.

Western Star's standard panel construction sleepers consist of a lightweight, aerospace honeycomb material. Because of this sleeper construction, the larger the sleeper size, the more weight savings realized when compared to competitive models, said Lemieux.

"This array of lightweight components, combined with standard Western Star features, truly offer our customers the best of everything, and we look forward to continuing to provide our customers added weight saving options," said John Tomlinson, product manager, Western Star.