Hendrickson to offer Precision240 nut

Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems continues its efforts to provide fleets with seamless system integration and maintenance-free suspension systems by incorporating its patented Precision240 two-piece spindle nut system into its line-up of Ready-To-Roll (RTR) proprietary wheel-end packages. 

The Precision240 nut, designed for tapered spindles, will be an available option with Hendrickson’s HVS and HLS wheel-end packages beginning third quarter 2012.

Precision240 joins the popular and successful Precision320 nut system which has been available on Hendrickson’s HXL7, a seven-year limited warranty wheel-end system since August 2009, said Perry Bahr, general manager and vice president of Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems. 

These patented two-piece spindle nut systems provide fine-tuned adjustment increments, nearly five times the adjustment resolution of other popular two-piece systems, to achieve more precise end play settings than traditional and more complicated three-piece spindle nut systems, he noted.

“Hendrickson’s precision spindle nut systems serve as another example of design ingenuity from Hendrickson,” said Bahr. “The precise adjustment mechanism employed by our precision nuts allows Hendrickson to control the amount of pre-load on the bearings during installation.”

“Our Precision240 nut system maximizes bearing and seal life and keeps trailers on the road rather than in the shop.”

Hendrickson’s patented precision nut systems guarantee bearing end play is set correctly the first time, and allow Hendrickson technicians to precisely install wheel-ends in light preload, which maximizes seal and bearing life, he said.