Kenworth dealer network invested more than $350 million in past five years to expand customer support

Achieves record number of locations in U.S. and Canada

"We made our dealership a place drivers could feel comfortable and would want to take their trucks to be serviced," she said. But more important than making the dealership more comfortable, Casagrande said her parts and service departments concentrate on providing fast, responsive service.

Tim Murphy, CEO of MHC in Kansas City, MO, said his company also takes a similar approach to customer service. MHC operates 43 Kenworth dealerships in 10 states, including MHC Kenworth in Colorado, which was named Kenworth's 2010 Dealer of the Year, and MHC Kenworth-Kansas City, which earned the 2010 Kenworth Customer Support Dealer of the Year honor.

"We do want our customers and drivers to be comfortable when their trucks are serviced by offering them showers, washers/dryers and quiet driver lounges with sleeping rooms and recliners," Murphy said. "But we also put the emphasis on getting the truck in and out quickly, and doing the work correctly the first time.

"Productivity is paramount to our customers, and with our 7/24 operation in major markets, we try to minimize the amount of time spent in our dealership by getting the trucks in and out as efficiently as possible."

Mike Nagle, dealer principal and owner of Bayview Kenworth, which operates five Kenworth dealerships in Fredericton, Moncton, St. John, St. Stephen, and Sussex, New Brunswick, said how a facility looks, how it operates and what kinds of equipment it has makes a difference to truck operators.

When he was recently scouting for possible locations for a planned sixth facility, Nagle said he recalls looking at an independent garage that appeared dirty and disorganized.

"When a facility looks bad, it can make you start to wonder about the level of service you can expect," Nagle added. "Having a clean, well-equipped facility reflects a positive image for customers as well as employees. And when your employees feel good about the facility, they can't help but do better work for customers."

In 2007, Nagle decided to convert his longtime truck dealerships to Kenworth and hasn't regretted the decision since.

"After we moved to Kenworth, the business at our locations virtually doubled in the first year," Nagle said. "I believe Kenworth's commitment to introducing new products, plus Paccar Parts' commitment to providing us the TRP program of quality replacement parts, strongly contributed to that increase in business. I just wish I had made the move to become a Kenworth dealer 10 years before I did."

To help support customers, Kenworth provides a complete dealer list on its website at

In addition, the Kenworth PremierCare Customer Center (1-800-KW-ASSIST) is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service requires no registration fee for emergency roadside assistance and is available to any truck brand. The Customer Center handles emergency roadside assistance calls and schedules service for preventive maintenance customers, among other services.


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