More than 20,000 trucks with Paccar MX engines in operation throughout North America

Number continues to grow

Fuel economy alone is a big advantage, but under the hood of a T660 - the combination really seals the deal."

Hall said the 12.9-liter Paccar MX consistently provides a 3 percent to 4 percent advantage in fuel economy. "That's a savings of $5,000 a year per truck," he said.

Ultimately, Nabarrete fuel economy and engine performance will set the Paccar MX apart from its competitors. "With diesel prices continuing to climb, fleets need to get the best fuel mileage possible. And we feel the MX is best in class and we've been seeing it first hand from customer reports."

"We're getting 4/10ths of a mile per gallon better with the T660 and Paccar MX engine over the other trucks in our fleet," said Tracy Bogler, president of Woody Bogler Trucking of Rosebud, MO. "In fact, our best driver is getting almost 8 mpg."

According to Bogler, the fuel economy improvement means about a $4,000 savings per year, per truck. And, once the entire fleet is converted over to the T660 with Paccar MX, it  will result in a fleet savings of around $500,000.

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